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Episode 4 - Yoichiro Suzuki

Yoichiro, toichiros twin brother, appears to challenge joseph to the death in order to secure his role has the new principal of claw academy. meanwhile, hatori continously attempts to woo roshuuto (it does not work). What did he mean by this?

Eventually, Joseph and yoichiro battle in the soccer field with yoichiro utilizing his genetic Super Gya Rainbow Powers in order to gain an advantage. joseph surrenders. "For the sake of the school," he said... but we all know the truth (he is homophobic). Yoichiro takes Josephs place as principal, leaving Joseph destitute on the trampoline, until yoichiro fires him properly. ,Joseph trampolines out of retaliation, encouraging hatori and roshuuto to join in until they are fired for realsies. Sooo Sad. the three continue to have fun and play until yoichiro gets mad and gives up his position voluntarily. #Loser.

Yoichiro is invited to become the fishing teacher at claw academy and the four have a dance party before eating burger together in the cafeteria. YAY! There, yoichiro erveals his secret identity as a fish and goes to work, leaving the three alone to ponder their new/old bosses identity and iits ramifications on society.

Reigen shows up after a nasty ibs attack. Joseph brings up serizawa in a conversation with him, so he leaves to draw vent art. Joseph becomes a homeowner. Pretty cool. he then gives reigen and roshuuto a tour of his home before they all decide to visit club red, inviting hatori on the way.

They party at the club, joseph says insensitive things to reigen who hides in the bathroom, hatoris brother yatori/hatory shows up and djs, roshuuto pines after reigen who does Not want his ass, the usual antics of the crew occur until joseph upsets Reigen. He runs off and drives home, but because he is intoxicated he crashes his car and is rushed to the hospital... Did he die from drinking and driving? Find out on the next "Claw Academy"

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Episode 3 - ???

This episode has been lost to time. Sad! however, it is notably the appearance of two new characters: Roshuuto and Hatori. If the bit has continued into other episodes with seemingly no point of origin, it likely began here.

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Episode 2 - A Night on the Town

After a few days of working at Claw Academy, Reigen finds himself miserable with his life, missing his ex Serizawa, and just finding his new job boring.. He prepares to go home after a long day and Joseph runs into him at the door. Joseph invites reigen for drinks. As coworkers. Reigen agrees and they get into his terrible, rusty car, before taking off, while Joseph explains that his date cancelled on him in order to attend her son's parent-teacher night and now he has an extra reservation he doesn't want to pay the cancellation fee for. So, he invites Reigen to dinner at the local restaurant, and they share a horrible meal that makes Joseph blackout and makes Reigen's head turn blue.

Afterward, the two walk to the club (Reigen's car is dead and might explode) where they dance and have a fun time. Until suddenly, a mysterious clone of Reigen appears. Reigens shocked when he sees how disheveled and sad he looks, and he begins to cry on the dancefloor. Joseph consoles him (not especially well) on the state of his life. Reigen laments the people he lost and Joseph can't relate but he tells Reigen about his time in the government. The two grow a little closer. They decide to cut the night short at a timely 10PM, with reigen making his way back home and Joseph going to sleep in the school. Joseph calls Serizawa, catching up with him before dozing off into a blissful sleep, while Reigen looks at Serizawa's Mobtter and is worried with what he finds..........

View screenshots this episode actually has a video!! You cabn watch this all go down here! Yay!

Episode 1 - The Pilot

Joseph works as a nebulous member of the staff in Claw Academy, under the principal Toichiro Suzuki. He might be a history teacher because he works for the government? Who knows. Toichiro reveals his super rainbow powers to Joseph, who responds in disgust at the sight, because although he is bisexual he has stuff to work through and has internalized homophobia. Sad!

Oh well. Afterwards, Joseph reveals that he is in a committed relationship to Toichiros ex-wife, and the shame of these consecutive encounters prompts Toichiro to quit his job, however, when he goes to collect his things in his office, he finds Joseph already there. The two have a tense conversation where Joseph reveals he is aware of Toichiros habit of shitting in the student bathrooms during office hours. Toichiro leaves to become a fisherman where he is eaten by a shark and dies.

In the time afterward, Joseph becomes principal of Claw Academy. Reigen Arataka approaches him, broke, and though he has no skills or assets Joseph hires him as a P.E teacher because he feels bad. The interview is interrupted by the spirit of Toichiro Suzuki who is haunting the student washrooms with his super gay rainbow powers. Joseph assigns this as to be reigen's first job, as the schools on-site exorcist, but he isn't able to do it and Joseph exorcises it for him.

Reigen is somehow not fired, and it is here that he reveals his reason for seeking a new job. Serizawa left Spirits and Such and the failing business led Reigen to seek a new career in teaching, and he hopes to find a new beginning in Claw Academy, especially now that it is under new management. Joseph asks if Serizawa is single and the credits roll.

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(this is meant to be reigen not toichiro)